Artists taking part in School of Beginnings have created new work, imagining a future in which Tate Modern has become a data storage centre. Drop in and join our events taking place throughout the weekend: A data conservator will interpret the code of Tate's website through a translation of digital coding into musical notation The Gov.UK art-collection will be dissected and performed in sung and spoken live-burst performances. Discover Beyond Art Lectures – a 'cultural telemarketing' project with artists from Latin America, that promotes the idea of outsourcing art lectures by taking advantage of unfair labour conditions Join the factory line in the continuous over production of boxes, and leave marks on a collaborative drawing möbius strip. Take part in a Muster Drill, a mix of yoga and semaphore signals to an invisible audience on the Thames, exploring care and communion. Watch a live action role play accompanied by musicians performing their interpretation of symbol-based graphic scores responding to artworks in the permanent collection. To close the day on Saturday night, there will be a one off performance of Shears For Tears, unrestrained screamers, mixed into an audio scape, orchestrated by a video-chromatic score.